Four faculty groups will embark on Teaching Fellowships after landing grants from the Office of the Provost and the Office of Academic Outreach and Innovation.

The Teaching Fellows grants are designed to create models for teaching innovation and excellence among WSU’s faculty, and advance the Transformative Student Experience outlined in Theme 2 of the Strategic Plan.

The grant funding is aimed at fostering interdisciplinary and collaborative opportunities to enhance student learning, creating a community of faculty members who collaborate to advance their own teaching and mentor colleagues exploring new pedagogies, and building up leaders who work together and with other stakeholders to guide the development of new learning spaces across the University.

The University Distinguished Teaching Fellows for 2017-18 are:

  • Erica Offerdahl, Associate Professor, School of Molecular Biosciences, Focus: Developing students’ argumentation and critical thinking skills;
  • Roots Faculty – Katie Fry, Clinical Assistant Faculty, History; Jesse Spohnholz, Associate Professor of History and Director of the Roots Contemporary Issues Program; Clif Stratton, Clinical Assistant Faculty, History and Assistant Director of the Roots Contemporary Issues Program, Focus: Collaborative inquiry-based student learning;
  • Gretchen Rollwagen-Bollens, Clinical Professor, School of the Environment and School of Biological Sciences (Vancouver), Focus: Engaging undergraduate students in discovery research in their lower division science courses; and
  • Jeff Sanders, Associate Professor of History, Focus: Digital research, teaching and outreach