February 2019 was one the snowiest Februarys on record for the state of Washington. All of our campuses experienced long stretches of inclement weather, resulting in campus closures and delays.

I appreciate the patience and flexibility of our faculty, staff, and students in dealing with the uncertainties that were occurring on almost a daily basis. From my own experience in participating in the decision-making process concerning the Pullman campus, I can tell you that these decisions are extremely difficult to make and are informed by the best available information. I would not venture a guess as to how many 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. conference calls we have held over the past couple of months.

Regardless of our institutional efforts, in the end, it often comes down to personal judgement and common sense that needs to dictate our personal choices around dealing with inclement weather. We all should error on the side of caution to assure the safety of our employees and students.

In cooperation with Faculty Senate, the Office of the Provost, and the academic colleges, a revised academic policy was approved. It addresses inclement weather and campus closure on the Pullman campus. Other campuses are either working on a similar policy or already have one in place.

I also want to recognize the unsung heroes in helping us make it through the month of February – our colleagues in Facility Services. These folks work throughout the days and evenings to remove snow and make sideways and parking lots as usable and safe as possible.