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Activity Insight: Frequently Asked Questions

My research area is not appearing on the drop-down list on the Personal and Contact Information screen.

The lists of research areas was compiled by the deans for the Office of Research, so your dean’s office would be the first point of contact. You could also speak with vice provost Laura Hill on this response if you have additional questions. The Research Keywords area is a good place to list topics that are not currently in the drop down list.

I taught a course in [semester] that is not appearing in my list of courses. 

I did not teach [some course in semester x], but it is appearing in my list of courses.

Activity Insight pulls scheduled teaching records from myWSU for which all faculty are the primary or secondary instructor with > 0% load.

If your Scheduled Teaching data is appearing incorrectly in Activity Insight, you will need to work with your department administrator (whomever handles course and room scheduling) to get the information corrected in the source system, myWSU.

Keep in mind that any changes made in myWSU will not appear until the following Monday, after data refreshes on Sunday night. Data for any term does not appear until after the Census data becomes available (generally about four weeks after the start of classes).

I am serving as a graduate advisor for a student that is not appearing in the list for Directed Student Learning.

I am no longer on the graduate committee for a student, and it is still appearing on my list of students in Directed Student learning.

The information in Directed Student Learning is fed in from the Graduate Research Module in myWSU. If you are listed on a student’s program of study that has been filed with the graduate school, the record should appear.

If the student has filed a program of study and the information is incorrect, the student will need to update their program of study with the Graduate School. If you are working with a student that has not yet filed a Program of Study or is not a WSU student, you will need to create a record for that student within Activity Insight.

Keep in mind that any changes made in myWSU will not appear in Activity Insight until the following Monday, after data refresh over the weekend.

My working title/office number/phone number is incorrect.

The Working Title and office contact information on the PCI screen needs to be corrected in Workplace/AIS. You’ll need to work with your departmental admin (whomever handles personnel actions) to get that corrected. Keep in mind that any changes made in AIS don’t appear in Activity Insight until the following Monday, after the data is refreshed over the weekend.

Last year I actually advised xx undergraduate students and yy graduate students and the number appearing in Academic Advising are incorrect. 

The advising information is piped in from the advising tables in myWSU. Because we know those data are often an undercount of a faculty member’s advising efforts, you are able to edit those fields. We only update the advising screen once a year, for the current academic year only, on January 1. For any prior year, you can go in and edit those numbers and the information will not be overwritten.

My ORCID is not appearing on the Personal and Contact Information Screen.

In order to have your ORCID appear in Activity Insight, you will need to connect your ORCID to myWSU. Log into myWSU, and under the Main Menu, click “Self Service”, then click “Register/Connect to ORCID” and follow the directions that appear.

Keep in mind that changes made in myWSU may not appear in Activity Insight until the next refresh (over the weekend).

At this time, the ORCID is only appearing for your reference; Digital Measures may eventually include additional functionality enabling you to use this number to import publications.

How do I change the order of authorship on publications?

In order to change the order of authorship, you can click on the “up” or “down” arrows on the right hand side next to the author’s name. Every time you click on the “up” arrow it will move that author up one slot, with the top slot being the first author position.

Can I upload a CV to Activity Insight?

You can’t upload a CV, but you can create one within Activity Insight. You would need to go in and make sure your publications, service, teaching, etc. was updated for the year. If you need details on how to import publications or other information, the Reference Guide has screen by screen details and a searchable index.

How do I get BLUE course evaluation into Activity Insight?

You can upload a copy of your BLUE course evaluations into Activity Insight on the Scheduled Teaching screen that corresponds to that course. We would like to be able to directly import data from the BLUE system into AI, but there are some underlying data structure issues that need to be worked through before we can do that.

One of the departments on the Securities and Permissions screen is not correct. Can I remove it?

The information appearing on the Securities and Permissions screen will always reflect your current appointment(s). In addition, it will also show any faculty, paid, monthly appointments that you have held in other departments or colleges for the past six years. The reason the system is configured in that way is because of the many customizations that were made for different colleges and units. If an employee moves from a unit with customized screens to a different unit, they would lose access to the data they had entered. The order of appointments on that screen is irrelevant; it’s just whatever order the records are hit in the system.