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Office of the Provost Student Success Collaborative

Why use the Student Success Collaborative?

WSU academic advisors’ thoughts on using the platform:

“SSC Campus is a great tool for me to find a lot of information in one place. It pulls information from a number of different areas and at one glance I can see what I want to know about a student. It tells me about them academically and it can also paint a picture about them outside of their academics. It provides me some additional information, such as student-groups they’re in and that can let me know if they might need a little extra support.”

“A lot of the information in (SSC Campus) just gives me context. I bring all of that into the conversations with students and that adds a layer of depth, without a lot of extra work.”

– Joe Hewa, academic coordinator and SSC specialist

“It’s a great tool, especially for new advisors. In learning the SSC Campus platform, I’ve found that it offers a rich body of information that can help advisors steer students toward success in a major. Adding the ability to generate targeted campaigns can further enhance student success by targeting groups of students who may need a little extra help. The SSC platform, using years of institutional data, is a proactive method for ensuring student success.”

– Dee Posey, clinical assistant psychology professor, SSC specialist

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