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Washington State University Office of the Provost

Our Values

Quality and Excellence

We are committed to providing quality and excellence in all our endeavors.

Integrity, Trust, and Respect

We are committed to ensuring trust and respect for all persons in an environment that cultivates individual and institutional integrity in all that we do.

Research, Innovation, and Creativity

We are committed to the pursuit of inquiry and discovery and to the creation and dissemination of knowledge.

Land-Grant Ideals

We are committed to the land-grant ideals of access, engagement, leadership, and service to bring the practical benefits of education to the state, nation, and global community.

Diversity and Global Citizenship

We embrace a worldview that recognizes and values the importance of domestic and global diversity, global interdependence, and sustainability.

Freedom of Expression

We are committed to the free exchange of ideas in a constructive and civil environment, including the canons of academic freedom in research, teaching, and outreach.

Stewardship and Accountability

We are committed to serving as ethical and responsible stewards of University resources.

Washington State University