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Washington State University Office of the Provost

BECU to support Cougs through Invest in Success

The Office of the Provost’s Student Success Initiatives and BECU are entering a partnership to enhance the Invest in Success project. Invest in Success provides $4 for every $1 participating students save towards their education at WSU, and has been supported by federal grants since 2016. The gift of $50,000 from BECU will help expand the matched savings program, initiate an Emergency Grant Aid program and provide funding for holistic advising and financial wellness programming.

Invest in Success is proving highly beneficial for students by decreasing unmet financial need, which is cited as one of the highest barriers to student success.

Through 22 months, program participants were retained at a far higher rate (88.5 percent versus 72.7 percent) than peers in a comparison group. Participating students also earned higher average GPAs (2.95) than the comparison group (2.52). Invest in Success serves 83 percent first-generation students and 70 percent minority students.

After 22 months, Invest in Success students had saved $178,029 toward their education at WSU, and earned $890,148 in matching funds from WSU, federal partners and their own savings.

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