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Washington State University
Washington State University Office of the Provost

Course Redesign grants aimed at transforming large classes

More than 25 large-enrollment courses at WSU are getting makeovers this summer thanks to course redesign grants distributed through the Office of the Provost.

Using funding from the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund, faculty are aiming to increase engagement and help students achieve better learning outcomes in classes of more than 100.

“Many first and second-year students have not yet visited our campuses, and we are committed to supporting a robust in-person experience while protecting our student, faculty, and staff’s health and safety,” said Vice Provost Mary Wack. “We’re grateful to all of the faculty and staff who are investing their time and energy into integrating high-impact practices that are truly effective in boosting learning outcomes and student success.”

Faculty submitted grant proposals for either the general option or the undergraduate course learning assistants (UGLA) option. The general option allows faculty to work with instructional design staff from Academic Outreach and Innovation to redesign courses. Undergraduate course learning assistants help instructors in large-enrollment courses better connect with students and implement high-impact instructional practices. Faculty in the UGLA program will participate in an instructional design program from Academic Outreach and Innovation and participate in a workshop before the start of the Fall semester.

The following proposals were funded for the Summer Redesign of Fall 2021 Large Courses program:

General proposals:

  • Paul Buckley (CHEM 105 labs)
  • Haipeng Cai (CPTS 422)
  • Cigdem Capan (PHYS 201)
  • Tammy Crawford (SPMGT 101, 2 sections)
  • Christine Curtis (COM 105, 2 sections)
  • Dipra Jha (HBM 280)
  • Ananth Jillepalli (CPTS 421)
  • Melanie Neuilly (CRMJ 101, 201 and 205)
  • Samantha Noll (POLS 101, 102 and PHIL 365, 5 sections total)
  • Shikha Prashad (KINES 461)
  • Judy Schultz (KINES 199, 2 sections)
  • Leah Sheppard (MGMT 485)
  • Carolina Silva (AMDT 108)
  • Megan Willson (PHARD 509)

Undergraduate course learning assistants proposals:

  • Shira Broschat (CPTS 111)
  • Martina Ederer (MBIOS 305)
  • Will Hall (MATH 100/103 and MATH 111/171- Pullman and Vancouver)
  • John Hinz (BIOLOGY 107)
  • Robert Franklin (HISTORY-Tri-Cities)
  • Kevin Fiedler (MATH – Tri-Cities)
  • Elsa Silva Lopez (CHEM – Tri-Cities)
  • Nelmi Devarie Baez (CHEM – Tri-Cities)
  • Lori Nelson (BIO-Tri Cities)
  • Hallie Meredith (FINE_ART 101 and FINE_ART 201)
  • Alma Rocha (FINE_ART 101)
  • Anya Rasmussen (PHYSICS 101)
  • June Sanders (DTC 101)