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Washington State University faculty members are among the most productive and effective researchers on the planet. As an institution, we value and support exceptional research, innovation, and creativity, and work to align those efforts with the needs and challenges of our state, nation, and world.

  • Goal 1: Increase productivity in research, innovation, and creativity to address the grand challenges and opportunities of the future.
  • Goal 2: Further develop WSU’s unique strengths and opportunities for research, innovation, and creativity based on its locations and land-grant mandate to be responsive to the needs of Washington state.
  • Goal 3: Advance WSU’s reach both nationally and internationally in existing and emerging areas of achievement.
Students are the top priority at Washington State University. Faculty and staff work together to provide a transformative student experience at every level and ensure that all students have the opportunity to successfully complete their degree program.

  • Goal 1: Provide an excellent teaching and learning opportunity to a larger and more diverse student population.
  • Goal 2: Provide a university experience centered on student engagement, development, and success, which prepares graduates to lead and excel in a diverse United States and global society.
  • Goal 3: Improve curricular and student support infrastructure to enhance access, educational quality, and student success in a growing institution.
True to its land-grant mission, Washington State University is committed to fully engaging with institutions, communities, governments and the private sector. Partnership increases access to new knowledge and technology, and in the process, positively impacts economic vitality, education outcomes, and quality of life at the local, state, and international levels. We truly are Washington State’s university.

  • Goal 1: Increase access to and breadth of WSU’s research, scholarship, creative, academic, and extension programs throughout Washington and the world.
  • Goal 2: Expand and enhance WSU’s engagement with institutions, communities, governments, and the private sector.
  • Goal 3: Increase WSU faculty, staff, and students’ contributions to economic vitality, educational outcomes, and quality of life at the local, state, and international levels.
Our success hinges on being responsible and effective in all that we do, and that means embracing and leveraging a diverse community, working with impeccable integrity, and operating with openness and transparency.

  • Goal 1: Create and sustain a university community that is diverse, inclusive, and equitable.
  • Goal 2: Cultivate a system-wide culture of organizational integrity, effectiveness, and openness that facilitates pursuit of the institution’s academic aspirations.
  • Goal 3: Steward and diversify resources invested by students, the public, and private stakeholders in a responsible way to ensure economic viability of the institution.



As the chief academic officer for Washington State University I have the distinct privilege to work with senior leadership, deans, faculty, and staff to shape every aspect of the academic enterprise at this great institution. With a new strategic plan in place, we have a clear and compelling blueprint for the future. With a 125-year history as Washington’s land-grant research university, we have a deep, rich foundation on which to build.

As a Coug myself, I am honored to have the opportunity to serve.

Best Regards,

Dan Bernardo


News and Announcements

  • WSU-Pullman Campus may host SFCC classes in 2017

    Washington State University is exploring a partnership with Community Colleges of Spokane that could provide classroom space for CCS students on WSU’s Pullman campus as early as January.

    The two institutions seek to better serve CCS’ Pullman students, many of whom share the goal of attending WSU once they complete their community college coursework.

    “We believe this partnership will help smooth the transition for community college students who aspire to earn a four-year degree,” said Erica Austin, WSU Vice Provost for Academic Affairs. “We are excited about the opportunity to partner with one of Washington state’s premier community colleges in providing students in our … » More …

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  • WSU selected for OpenStax program

    Washington State University is one of 11 institutions across the U.S. selected to take part in the national Open Educational Resource Institutional Partnership Program, a project that could save students thousands of dollars each year.

    The program, operated by Rice University’s OpenStax Publishing, is designed to provide free consultation and resources for schools wanting to increase the use of OER on campus, and to build a community of institutions dedicated to lowering the cost of course materials using OER.

    “Our students have shown leadership and vision for galvanizing a university-wide effort to lowering classroom material costs and this is a great step in that … » More …

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  • Academic integrity vital

    As an institution, we prize academic integrity. It is important for us to uphold this principle, reinforce it from within and create a culture of academic integrity among faculty and students throughout our campuses.

    According to research and surveys conducted between 2002 and 2015 from the International Center for Academic Integrity, 68 percent of college undergraduate students admitted to cheating in college. During this past academic year, an implementation committee has been working to fulfill the recommendations of WSU’s Academic Integrity Task Force, commissioned by the Faculty Senate to identify needs and opportunities for improving the policies and processes related to academic integrity.

    Students, faculty … » More …

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  • Provost and Office of Research commit funds to major research, teaching initiatives

    Genomics, antimicrobial resistance, clean stormwater and health disparities are the subjects of several multidisciplinary proposals awarded funding as part of Washington State University’s Grand Challenges research initiative. University officials also funded a comprehensive program aimed at supporting student resilience and growth through graduation.

    Two “smart” proposals will receive planning funds: one looking at genomics and smart foods for optimal nutrition and health, and one to improve health and quality of life in smart cities.

    Officials have also committed $500,000 over five years for student success and research seed grants. The research seed grants are aimed at developing humanities and social sciences relevant … » More …

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