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Office of the Provost Discover. Teach. Engage.
Washington State University faculty members are among the most productive and effective researchers on the planet. As an institution, we value and support exceptional research, innovation, and creativity, and work to align those efforts with the needs and challenges of our state, nation, and world.

  • Goal 1: Increase productivity in research, innovation, and creativity to address the grand challenges and opportunities of the future.
  • Goal 2: Further develop WSU’s unique strengths and opportunities for research, innovation, and creativity based on its locations and land-grant mandate to be responsive to the needs of Washington state.
  • Goal 3: Advance WSU’s reach both nationally and internationally in existing and emerging areas of achievement.
Students are the top priority at Washington State University. Faculty and staff work together to provide a transformative student experience at every level and ensure that all students have the opportunity to successfully complete their degree program.

  • Goal 1: Provide an excellent teaching and learning opportunity to a larger and more diverse student population.
  • Goal 2: Provide a university experience centered on student engagement, development, and success, which prepares graduates to lead and excel in a diverse United States and global society.
  • Goal 3: Improve curricular and student support infrastructure to enhance access, educational quality, and student success in a growing institution.
True to its land-grant mission, Washington State University is committed to fully engaging with institutions, communities, governments and the private sector. Partnership increases access to new knowledge and technology, and in the process, positively impacts economic vitality, education outcomes, and quality of life at the local, state, and international levels. We truly are Washington State’s university.

  • Goal 1: Increase access to and breadth of WSU’s research, scholarship, creative, academic, and extension programs throughout Washington and the world.
  • Goal 2: Expand and enhance WSU’s engagement with institutions, communities, governments, and the private sector.
  • Goal 3: Increase WSU faculty, staff, and students’ contributions to economic vitality, educational outcomes, and quality of life at the local, state, and international levels.
Our success hinges on being responsible and effective in all that we do, and that means embracing and leveraging a diverse community, working with impeccable integrity, and operating with openness and transparency.

  • Goal 1: Create and sustain a university community that is diverse, inclusive, and equitable.
  • Goal 2: Cultivate a system-wide culture of organizational integrity, effectiveness, and openness that facilitates pursuit of the institution’s academic aspirations.
  • Goal 3: Steward and diversify resources invested by students, the public, and private stakeholders in a responsible way to ensure economic viability of the institution.



As the chief academic officer for Washington State University I have the distinct privilege to work with senior leadership, deans, faculty, and staff to shape every aspect of the academic enterprise at this great institution. With a new strategic plan in place, we have a clear and compelling blueprint for the future. With a 125-year history as Washington’s land-grant research university, we have a deep, rich foundation on which to build.

As a Coug myself, I am honored to have the opportunity to serve.

Best Regards,

Dan Bernardo


News and Announcements

  • WSU lands $2.6M grant to fund college bridge program

    Washington State University is set to launch Cougs Rise, a unique high school-to-college bridge program, thanks to two grants from the U.S. Department of Education.

    Cougs Rise is the latest Student Success Initiative out of the Office of the Provost. The grants, totaling $2.6 over five years, will fund the program, which is designed for incoming first-year students who are low-income and/or first-generation. Cougs Rise will serve at least 120 students each year and will build on existing partnerships with five high schools in Washington: Bremerton, Fort Hudson (Vancouver), Rogers (Spokane), University (Spokane Valley), and Wenatchee.

    Cougs Rise will begin with outreach in the high … » More …

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  • Student Success Seed Grant to fund service-learning project

    WSU faculty members are teaming up with the Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) to promote first-year student success through service learning.

    A Student Success Seed Grant from the Office of the Provost and Division of Student Affairs will fund the project, which focuses on engaging students through service learning – a high impact practice linked directly to student success.

    The project’s initial stage will utilize an experimental design to provide local evidence of the efficacy of service learning as a student success and retention strategy. The experiment will offer comparisons on civic engagement outcomes, performance in the students’ biology course, and retention to sophomore year. … » More …

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  • Provost’s office welcomes Ward, bids farewell to McSweeney

    The Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President is pleased to introduce Dr. Kelly Ward as the University’s Vice Provost for Faculty Development and Recognition, while also thanking Dr. Fran McSweeney for her many years of outstanding service in the Provost’s Office.

    In her new role, Ward will advise the Provost, Deans, and Department Chairs on policy and procedural matters related to faculty, and on personnel issues related to individual faculty members as they arise. She will assist with planning matters related to the faculty and advise the Provost on promotion and tenure decisions, annual reviews, third-year reviews, and professional leave decisions. Ward will … » More …

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  • Student success project takes flight

    The University took action last year to launch several projects that support priorities articulated in the Strategic Plan, and reinforced by the Drive to 25. The resulting Grand Challenge research projects and Student Success project are underway, and already impacting their respective areas. Updates on the Grand Challenge research projects are forthcoming in the coming months.

    The Transformative Change Initiative is making progress in developing infrastructures to best support students at WSU. In its pilot this spring, TCI reached more than 9,000 undergraduate students through more than 30 faculty members.

    The TCI is a three-pronged initiative:

    The Parent Student Handbook Intervention is underway, … » More …

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