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Washington State University
Washington State University Office of the Provost

Initiatives Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education

COACHE Committee

The committee was co-led by Doug Call (past chair of Faculty Senate, incoming Senior Vice Provost), Katie Cooper (Associate Dean for Faculty, College of Arts and Sciences), and Laura Hill (Senior Vice Provost). The committee identified areas for improvement and formed action teams to consider specific topics and provide initial recommendations for actions. Thanks to all who participated in this work, including:

  • Ekaterina Burduli (Spokane)
  • Kira Carbonneau (Pullman)
  • Pat Carter (Pullman)
  • Kim Christen (Pullman)
  • Chris Dickey (Pullman)
  • Glen Duncan (Spokane)
  • Obie Ford III (Vancouver)
  • Fran Hermanson (Pullman)
  • Christine Horne (Pullman)
  • Masha Gartstein (Pullman)
  • Phil Gruen (Pullman)
  • Lisa Guerrero (Pullman)
  • Stephanie Kane (Pullman)
  • Coleen McCracken (Pullman)
  • Clemma Muller (Spokane)
  • Oladunni Oluwoye (Spokane)
  • Kristina Peterson-Wilson (Pullman)
  • Bruce Pinkleton (Pullman)
  • Anna Plemons (Tri-Cities)
  • Paul Skilton (Tri-Cities)
  • Clif Stratton (Pullman)
  • Jenny Thigpen (Pullman)

COACHE Initiative