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Faculty Career and Advancement

Service Opportunities

Faculty Senate Committees

Faculty Senate committees make recommendations to the Faculty Senate for changes in policies and procedures related to their areas of expertise (e.g., academic affairs). They may also report their views to administrators. Members of Senate Committees are elected by the members of the Faculty Senate.  Nominations for these committees are made by the Committee on Committees and are taken from the floor. A list of Faculty Senate Committees and more information about these committees may be found on the Faculty Senate website.

Faculty Senate Officers

The Chair of the Faculty Senate presides over meetings of the Senate. To ensure orderly transitions, the Chair is assisted by a Chair Elect and a Past Chair. The Chair Elect is selected by a vote of members of the Faculty Senate. After that, the Chair Elect serves for one year before becoming Chair for one year and then Past Chair for one year. The Faculty Senate Chair receives a 0.5 FTE appointment and the Chair Elect receives a 0.25 FTE appointment. The Executive Secretary of the Faculty Senate joins the three chairs to make up the Faculty Senate Executive Committee which meets regularly with the President and Provost. The Executive Secretary is nominated by the Faculty Senate Executive Committee and is elected by the Faculty Senate for a 3-year term. The Executive Secretary receives a 0.5 FTE appointment.

Faculty Senate Steering Committee

The Faculty Senate Steering Committee meets on alternate weeks with the Faculty Senate. It is composed of the chairs of major Faculty Senate Committees and the Faculty Senate Officers. The Steering Committee sets the agenda for upcoming meetings of the Faculty Senate and acts on the Senate’s behalf during the summer.

Faculty Status Committee

The Faculty Status Committee (FSC) adjudicates disputes among faculty members and between faculty members and the administration (e.g., denials of tenure and/or promotion). Any member of the faculty, including fixed-term (temporary) faculty, may bring a problem to the attention of the Committee. The Committee currently has ten tenured faculty members, each serving for three years. FSC can also designate other members of the faculty to assist in its work. FSC is unique among committees because it solicits nominations from, is elected by, and is responsible to, the faculty. FSC writes reports and makes recommendations to the faculty and to the President. It also periodically reports to the Senate and to the faculty concerning its operations.

Presidential Committees

Presidential committees are appointed by, and responsible to, the President. Unlike some of the Faculty Senate Committees, Presidential committees include representatives from administrative professionals, classified staff and students. Faculty nominees for these committees are recommended by the Faculty Senate’s Committee on Committees.

Training for Administrative Positions

Those who wish to consider a leadership or administrative position may attend the Chairs and Directors Workshops, designed to help new department chairs and directors. The workshops are open to all. They teach administrative skills and describe many of Washington State University’s policies and procedures.