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Washington State University Office of the Provost

Faculty Funding Opportunities

The Office of the Provost is pleased to offer several grant-funding opportunities for faculty, specifically related to teaching development, student success, and reducing classroom material costs.

Affordable Learning Grants

Information about 2020 Affordable Learning Grants is available. Read about the work of previous Affordable Learning Grant recipients, and other opportunities to reduce classroom material costs for students.

Applications closed

LIFT Fellowships

The LIFT Fellows program is a part of the Transformative Change Initiative, funded by a 2016 student success grant. LIFT (Learn. Inspire. Foster. Transform) offers faculty programming to help improve the student educational experience at WSU. The program promotes teaching methods and modules shown to improve students’ engagement, connection, and learning to decrease course withdrawal and fail rates, and to increase retention.

LIFT Fellows application closed for 2022

Oaks Academic Technology Award for Faculty

In recognition of the visionary leadership of Dr. Muriel Oaks, Academic Outreach and Innovation established the Oaks Award to recognize the innovative use of technology to transform teaching and learning. The award winner will receive $3,000 in faculty development funds,distributed to their academic department. Instructors on any WSU campus are invited to submit an application. You may also nominate others or encourage deserving colleagues to apply.

To learn more about the award, including the evaluation metric, and to apply, please visit the Oaks award webpage.

Oaks Academic Technology Award for Faculty is closed for 2022

Redesign of Large Courses

Instructors of large courses (more than 100 students) for the fall of 2021 are invited to apply for funding to redesign their courses to integrate high-impact, in-person campus experiences.

Option 1: General

The General option is for instructors who are not yet sure of the approach they want to take or who know the approach and it does not involve undergraduate course learning assistants. Before applying, please review the video from the Learning Innovations group from AOI, outlining some of the possibilities. Please specify one of the approaches in the application, as the information will be used to organize cohort tracks within Canvas during the summer. AOI has graciously provided the expertise of its instructional design staff to support this endeavor through the summer.

Apply now

Option 2: Undergraduate Course Learning Assistants

This option is a pilot program for fall with a separate application.

Undergraduate Course Learning Assistants are important partners in helping instructors, especially those in large-enrollment courses with traditionally high DFW rates, better connect with students and implement high-impact instructional practices. These practices have been demonstrated to lead to higher rates of student retention due to increased satisfaction and belonging, the narrowing of academic achievement gaps for students from diverse backgrounds, and higher attainment levels of student learning outcomes. These programs also increase the success and skills of the UGLAs themselves, as they refine content knowledge, gain new communication skills, build a sense of community, build an identity as a professional in their chosen academic field, and report higher levels of belonging. In addition, UGLAs provide feedback to instructors about ways to improve instruction from the perspective of the undergraduate experience.

WSU faculty with established UGLA programs will lead summer workshops and assist colleagues in implementing UGLAs in their courses.

The CEILS program at UCLA (link) and the University of Colorado Learning Assistant Program (here) serve as models for most college-level or institutional-level programs at other universities. For further information you may consult those websites or contact Bill Davis, Associate Dean in CVM (

Apply now

Smith Teaching and Learning Grants

The Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education offers the Smith Teaching and Learning Grant to recognize and reward innovative ideas to enhance learning and teaching at WSU.

Find out more about the Smith Teaching and Learning Grants, and apply.

Smith Grant application closed for 2021

Teaching Fellows

Teaching Fellows are the experimenters, early adopters, realists and evangelists that help to create a transformative student experience at Washington State University. Teaching Fellows are faculty members (tenure track or clinical) acknowledged as leading teaching scholars competitively appointed to the fellowship. All individuals selected to hold the position retain the title of University Distinguished Teaching Fellow throughout their careers.

Teaching Fellows represent the institution’s commitment to excellence and provide leadership to the university community in the scholarship of teaching and learning. The purpose is to advance the achievement of Strategic Plan Theme 2 Goals for the Transformative Student Experience as measured by the quantitative metrics specified in the Plan.

The Teaching Fellow’s time and resources will be spent in the advancement of evidence-based teaching practices that foster student success and engagement of their peers in application of successful practices, particularly but not exclusively at the undergraduate level.

The Teaching Fellows program is not accepting applications at this time.

For questions about faculty grant opportunities at WSU, email to

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