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Washington State University Office of the Provost

Faculty Career and Advancement



A series of workshops are held each year to help new department chairs and school directors to understand their jobs. The workshop covers general leadership issues along with specific Washington State University policies. The workshops are mandatory for new chairs and directors. They are also open to experienced chairs who need help on a particular issue and to other faculty members who may be interested in pursuing leadership opportunities in the future. The current list of workshop topics is given below.

  • “You’re an Academic Leader, now what?”
  • University Overview: Managing and Advancing Faculty
  • Dealing with Student and Parent Issues
  • Revised Faculty Annual Review Process
  • Dealing with Faculty & Staff Personnel Issues
  • Managing Your Unit’s Budget
  • Advancing Research in Your Unit
  • Promoting Effective Teaching
  • State Ethics Law and Legal Issues
  • Preventing Workplace Harassment and Discrimination
  • Fostering an Inclusive University
  • Keeping it all Together!

For additional information regarding the Department Chairs and Directors Workshop Series, please click here.


Please contact the Provost’s Office at (509) 335-5581 and ask for Kristina Peterson-Wilson, Chief of Staff.

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