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Washington State University
Washington State University Office of the Provost

Faculty Career and Advancement

Promotion and Tenure

Policies concerning advancement in rank, or promotion, are designed to encourage superior service. The status, qualifications, and performances of each faculty member are reviewed annually by the appropriate administrative officers. A part of that review is the analysis of the progress being made toward promotion by the faculty member.

Tenure provisions are designed to ensure the widest possible range of freedom for scholarly inquiries in teaching, research, and extension for faculty members on permanent, full-time appointment as well as for those faculty members on permanent appointment for one-half time fifty percent (50%) or greater but less than full time, where the basic expectations for job performance are the same as for full-time faculty positions associated with tenure. For such appointments the time for tenure consideration may be extended. The decision to associate tenure with a position rests with the program, department, or division offering the position. This decision must be made at the time the job description is developed.

For more information regarding promotion and tenure, please review the Faculty Manual.

Guidelines and Forms

To view promotion and tenure guidelines and forms, please click here.

2023 Tenure and Promotion Announcement

Spring 2023 Town Halls: Preparation for Promotion and/or Tenure