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Hostile Terrain 94 Workshops


Join us for a public workshop (dates below) about Hostile Terrain 94, a participatory exhibition from the Undocumented Migration Project. Co-sponsored by the Center for Arts and Humanities, College of Arts and Sciences, Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art WSU (JSMA), and the Office of the Provost, Hostile Terrain 94 (HT94) is an interactive exhibition comprised of approximately 3,800 handwritten toe tags representing migrants who died trying to cross the Sonoran Desert in Arizona between the mid-1990s and 2019. The physical act of writing out the names and information for the dead invites participants to reflect, witness and stand in solidarity with those who have lost their lives in search of a better one.

The on-going installation of this project will take place at the Schnitzer Museum in January-March 2023, with toe tags filled out by members of our local community. We are seeking university and community-based groups—student and faculty organizations, service groups, classes, etc.—who would like to participate in this intentional activity during winter 2023. Each workshop will include time at the end to reflect on emotions related to and implications of the exhibition.

Additional workshops and activities for HT94 are taking place on the WSU campus. Visit the Hostile Terrain 94 website for updates on these opportunities. If you are interested in scheduling a private workshop for your group or class, please contact

Our community’s engagement with Hostile Terrain 94 will culminate March 2, 2023, when HT94 founder and anthropologist Jason De León visits the WSU Pullman campus for a series of programs and events.

HT94 Workshop Schedule and Registration


A chronological listing of dates is available on the registration page. You may also click on any of the below workshops to register.

Hosted by Carmen Lugo-Lugo

Hosted by Arifa Raza

Hosted by Eliseo Ortiz

Hosted by Alejandro Ramírez