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Polices Policies and Procedures

Degree Approval Process


The process for degree actions has been updated for 2016-17. Clarifying, coordinating and expediting the various steps involved in the entire process are the central goals of this update.

The process described here applies only to changes in degree programs: developing a new degree program, including upgrading a plan to become a degree; extending an existing program to a new location or to Global Campus; renaming a degree; eliminating a degree; or similar changes. It applies to degree programs at all levels: undergraduate, graduate, and professional.

This process does not apply to adding or deleting options (within the same WSU degree code), certificates, minors, individual courses, or other curricular changes below the level of degrees, all of which go directly into the Faculty Senate process by submittal to the Registrar’s Office, using one of the appropriate forms.

It also does not apply to organizational or structural changes such as creating or consolidating departments or colleges which, like degrees, are initiated through the Provost’s Office, but covered by an MOU.