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Washington State University Office of the Provost

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Current Proposal Status

Degree Changes Received, Under Review or Pending Revisions – Office of the Provost

Proposal TitleDate Received
DEd in Educational Leadership - Two-year moratorium04/17/19
Rename Veterinary Sciences Degree03/15/18
NOI BS in Environmental and Ecosystem Science - Extend to Global12/19/16
NOI BA in Linguistics - New Degree12/09/16
NOI MS in Kinesiology - New Degree03/09/16
NOI MEd in Special Education - Extend to Tri-Cities02/25/15
NOI Master of Science in Business Administration08/12/20

During the Faculty Senate Phase, the proposal can be tracked on the Faculty Senate website under Tracking Table for Degrees.

Degree Changes Received, Reviewed and Sent to Senate

Proposal TitleDate sent to Senate
MEd to MA in Educational Psychology11/01/18
BA in Asia Studies8/25/20
Create a Master of Science in Business Administration9/22/20

Recommended for Approval by Faculty Senate; Pending Board of Regents Approval

Proposal TitleDate
BA in Human Biology - New Degree03/28/19
Discontinue BS in Athletic Training06/29/18
Discontinue MBA (Tri-Cities)06/291/8

Approved by Board of Regents; Pending Submission to NWCCU

Proposal TitleDate

Degrees Awaiting Approval by NWCCU

Proposal TitleDate
Discontinue MA in Education (English Language Learners)11/06/16
Discontinue ME (English Language Learners)11/06/16
Discontinue Higher Education Doctoral Degree11/03/16
Discontinue Degrees no Longer Offered within the College of Education11/03/16
Discontinue MBA (Pullman)05/21/18
Discontinue MBA (Vancouver)05/21/18
BS Earth and Environmental Science - Extend to Global11/26/19
BS in Viticulture and Enology06/24/20
MS Kinesiology06/24/20

Degree Changes Approved by NWCCU

Degree titleDate Approved
Discontinue MA in Hispanic Studies06/24/20
Discontinue Masters of Nursing Degree06/24/20
BA Political Science - Extend to Global Campus06/10/19
MA in Hispanic Studies - One year moratorium06/04/19
Discontinue MBA (Tri-Cities)03/12/19
BA in Anthropology - Extend to Global Campus07/18/19
BS in Biology - Extend to Global Campus07/18/19
BA in English - Extend to Global Campus07/18/19
BA in History - Extend to Global Campus07/11/18
BA in Sociology - Extend to Global07/11/18
MA in Music - Extend to Global07/11/18
MA in Health Communication and Promotion - New Degree07/11/18
Rename the College of Pharmacy to the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences11/17/17
MA in AMT to MS in AMDT - Change Degree Type12/01/17
Masters in Athletic Training - New Degree10/24/17
Ph.D in Statistical Science - New Degree10/24/17
Change Program Names to Align with Degree Names within the College of Education07/24/17
BS in Organic Agricultural Systems (AFS) - Extend to Everett05/18/17
BA in Strategic Communication - Extend Degree to Global04/19/17
MIT in Elementary Education - Extend to Tri-Cities03/10/17
Rename Master of Arts in Education (Literacy Education) to Master of Arts in Education Language, Literacy and Technology Education03/08/17
Rename Master of Education (Literacy Education) to Master of Education (Language, Literacy and Technology Education)03/08/17
Replace Bachelor of Arts in Communication with 3 new degrees: Bachelor of Arts in Communication & Society; Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Media Production; and Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communication in Pullman, Everett, and Vancouver11/10/16
BA in AMT - Rename Degree11/04/16
BS in Biology - Extend to Tri Cities09/23/16
MS in Electrical Engineering - Extend to Vancouver09/23/16
BA in Chemistry - New Degree09/19/16
BS in Economic Science/Business Economics - Extend to Global09/19/16
BS in Mathematics - Extend to Vancouver08/24/16
Discontinuation of Counseling Psychology08/24/16
BS in Data Analytics - New Degree to 4 Campuses07/11/16
MS in Software Engineering - New Degree07/11/16
BS in Construction Engineering - New Degree - Pullman06/27/16
BS in Electrical Engineering - Extend to Bremerton06/27/16
BS in Software Engineering - New Degree06/27/16
Pharm.D - Extend to Yakima04/18/16