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Washington State University Office of the Provost

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Current Proposal Status

Degree Changes Received, Under Review or Pending Revisions – Office of the Provost

Proposal TitleSubmission Date
NOI - MEd in Special Education (Extend to Tri-Cities)02/25/2015
NOI - BS in Environmental and Ecosystem Science (Extend to WSU Global)12/19/2016
NOI - BA in Linguistics (New Degree)12/09/2016
NOI - MS in Kinesiology (New Degree)03/09/2016
NOI - Master in Social Work10/05/2021
NOI - MS and PhD Public Health (WSU Pullman and Spokane)10/21/2021
NOI - BA in Biology Education04/03/2023
NOI - BA in Business Administration, Supply Chain Management07/20/2023
NOI - MD and PhD in Behavioral Medicine
NOI - MS in Individual Interdisciplinary Studies04/19/2024
Degree Extension - BS in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology (WSU Everett)05/16/2024
Degree Extension - PhD in Biomedical Sciences (University of Nairobi)05/19/2024

During the Faculty Senate Phase, the proposal can be tracked on the Faculty Senate website under Tracking Table for Degrees.

Degree Changes Received, Reviewed and Sent to Faculty Senate

Proposal TitleDate sent to Senate

Recommended for Approval by Faculty Senate; Pending Board of Regents Approval

Proposal TitleDate

Degrees Awaiting Approval by NWCCU

Proposal TitleDate
New Degree Proposal - Master of Energy Conscious Construction (Global Campus)03/29/2024
New Degree Proposal - BA in Social Work (WSU Tri-Cities)05/02/2024
New Degree Proposal - Master of Veterinary Anatomic Pathology (WSU Pullman)05/08/2024
New Degree Proposal - BS in Public Health (WSU Pullman, Spokane, and Vancouver)05/21/2024