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Washington State University
Washington State University Office of the Provost

Transformational Change Initiative

Launch Program

The LAUNCH program facilitates students’ early connection with, and involvement in, high-impact learning opportunities (e.g., research, outreach, global education, creative activity, internships, intellectual competitions, etc.). It does so using a peer-mentoring model in which students already involved in experiential learning mentor students participating in program workshops. In this manner, LAUNCH provides opportunities for personal growth and skills development for both peer mentors and students participating in the program.

For students engaged in the program, LAUNCH facilitates:

  1. Early awareness of the diverse experiential learning opportunities.
  2. Appreciation for the value of participating in experiential learning opportunities while at WSU.
  3. Alignment of personal values and experiential learning opportunities in a manner that strengthens skills development and personal growth.
  4. Development of a personal action plan for locating, assessing, and securing an experiential learning opportunity.

For students serving as peer mentors, LAUNCH facilitates development in:

  1. Mentoring and teaching
  2. Teamwork and collaboration
  3. Communication skills
  4. Planning and time-management
LAUNCH Team 2021-2022

LAUNCH Ambassadors

Abby MartinBusinessBusiness MarketingCommunication
Allison TomsEducationKinesiology
Anna McDonaldArts and SciencesBiology; Computer Science
Audrey AlmeiraArts and SciencesPsychology; Neuroscience
Bryan HannonArts and SciencesGeneral Biology (Pre-Medicine)
Debi BekaluEngineeringArchitectural StudiesConstruction Management
Emily KophsArts and SciencesBiology
Grant BallEducation
Jerzee PigfordArts and SciencesGeneral BiologySpanish
Lahra AhearnArts and SciencesPsychology; Human Development
Makinley DavisArts and SciencesBiology
Megan BradleyArts and Sciences/Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences
Environmental & Ecosystem Science; Earth Science
Water Resource Science & Management Certificate
Meghan GormanArts and SciencesPsychologyHuman Development
Nikki HazelettArts and SciencesPsychologyCriminal Justice; Human Development
Rachel FoxArts and SciencesDigital Technology and Culture; Criminal Justice
Fine Arts
Tannia MoyerArts and SciecnesPsychology
Vanessa MoranEngineering and ArchitectureComputer Engineering
Vivian SaechaoEducationNutrition and Exercise Physiology