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Washington State University Office of the Provost

Launch Program

The LAUNCH program facilitates students’ early connection with, and involvement in, high-impact learning opportunities (e.g., research, outreach, global education, creative activity, internships, intellectual competitions, etc.). It does so using a peer-mentoring model in which students already involved in experiential learning mentor students participating in program workshops. In this manner, LAUNCH provides opportunities for personal growth and skills development for both peer mentors and students participating in the program.

For students engaged in the program, LAUNCH facilitates:

  1. Early awareness of the diverse high-impact practices (HIPs).
  2. Appreciation for the value of participating in HIPs while at WSU.
  3. Alignment of personal values and HIPs in a manner that strengthens skills development and personal growth.
  4. Development of a personal action plan for locating, assessing, and securing a HIP.

For students serving as peer mentors, LAUNCH facilitates development in:

  1. Mentoring and teaching
  2. Teamwork and collaboration
  3. Communication skills
  4. Planning and time-management


LAUNCH Ambassadors

Ambassador WSU College Major Minor
Diana Baldovinos Business, Arts & Sciences International Business, Psychology Spanish
Maddi Bibby Veterinary Medicine Neuroscience (pre-medicine) Biology
Alison Dobken Business Human Resource Management Spanish
Adam Fredrickson Business Management Information Systems
Arielle Gomez Agriculture, Human and Natural Resource Sciences Animal Science Psychology
Hayli Johnson Medicine Speech and Hearing Sciences Spanish
Alan Lam Education, Arts & Sciences Sport Science, Spanish
Sergio Peña Arts & Sciences, Agriculture, Humand and Natural Resource Sciences Criminal Justice, Human Development
Lysandra Perez Arts & Sciences Psychology, Sociology English
Pauline Piso Arts & Sciences Biology
Drew Raymond Arts & Sciences Psychology
Elliot Ries Business Finance
Jaclyn Roland Arts & Sciences, Veterinary Medicine Psychology, Neuroscience Molecular Biology
Jordan Sykes Arts & Sciences Criminal Justice Spanish
Jaydon Troy Arts & Sciences Mathematics
Ally Wolf Arts & Sciences English


We asked a LAUNCH Student Ambassadors questions regarding the Transformational Change Institute (TCI).

Topics ranged from what they hope to contribute to WSU through TCI, why experiential learning opportunities are important for undergraduate students, and why it’s important to building a strong foundation during the first year of college.

The Ambassador we spoke with is senior Microbiology major Rory Nordquist, an excited LAUNCH Ambassador eager to see how TCI can assist in students’ transition from high school to Washington State University.

“Looking back at my time as a freshman, I was very lucky to be in the Greek community as well as having my job as a teaching assistant, which both acted as experiential learning models and high-impact practices for me. These opportunities definitely influenced the next three years as an undergrad.”

“The TCI program would have been beneficial to me in exploring more high-impact practices on campus. I’m beyond happy with what I was placed in but didn’t quite know what all was out there for me as a student. This is why experiential learning opportunities are so important for undergrad students because they best prepare a student in ways instructors may not be able to, such as developing ideas and following through with a process outside of a classroom. I hope that the TCI leaves the ability for that foundation to be formed for incoming freshmen, and I’m excited to see how far the university has progressed in four years time.”

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