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Welcome to WSU’s Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Resource Website

AI presents both opportunities and challenges for institutions of higher education, and WSU is no exception. This website was created to gather resources and help members of the WSU community stay up to date on topics related to AI.

Currently, this website focuses its attention on Generative AI. Generative AI produces new data (e.g., text, images, and video) based on user prompts and existing data within a defined training set such as internet accessible information. Generative AI does not include spelling and grammar checking tools.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI denotes the emulation of human intelligence by computational systems. These systems, composed of computers or machines, are programmed to execute tasks that typically necessitate human intelligence for completion. There are many different applications of AI, including machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, robotics, and more. Such AI systems acquire knowledge from data, experience, and feedback to continuously enhance their capabilities.

As one example of generative AI, ChatbotGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer), natural language processing software developed by Open AI, originally launched in June 2018. During its initial launch, it had significant limitations. In June 2020, ChatGPT-3 was released and brought artificial intelligence into the national and international spotlight. Its successor ChatGPT-4 now generates output that is difficult, or sometimes impossible, to detect as being created by a non-human writer. ChatGPT is just one example of language development AI, however, it has received a significant amount of attention because it is widely available on the internet for free, or a minimal fee.


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