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Washington State University Office of the Provost

Faculty Awards

Annual Awards

President’s Distinguished Teaching Award for Career-Track Faculty

Two award winners are expected to be named each year. The award is designed to specifically honor career-track faculty members who epitomize the highest levels of performance and excellence and who provide a vital role in teaching WSU students in the pursuit of the university’s goals and thereby in the fulfillment of its mission.


All regularly appointed career-track faculty members of the Washington State University faculty (half time or greater) at the time of election are eligible for this award. This would include career-track faculty, instructors, senior instructors, adjunct or affiliate faculty (see the Faculty Manual for descriptions).


The President’s Distinguished Teaching Award for Career-Track Faculty is presented to a member of the faculty in recognition of truly outstanding accomplishments in the establishment of excellence in the instructional programs of Washington State University. Activities encompassed by this award may be either outstanding singular accomplishments or a record of excellence over a period of years, including some combination of the following:

  • ability to engage and stimulate students and convey excitement related to course content;
  • current, innovative, and effective teaching practices that communicate high expectations and challenge students;
  • availability to students and willingness to assist and mentor them;
  • valuing and responding to various kinds of diversity among
  • success in significantly increasing students’ intellectual growth, critical thinking ability, and integrated view of the subject matter; and
  • organizing or conducting new courses or revitalizing existing courses.

Application Process

Nominators are asked to submit the nomination form, a copy of the nominee’s curriculum vitae, and a narrative of 1000 words or less, stating why the nominee meets the award criteria and is deserving of the award.

Please do not submit additional information during the initial phase.  At a later date, for those nominees moving forward for secondary consideration, the nominator(s) will be asked to provide additional supporting information. Representative examples of additional information may include:

  • A brief description of the nominee’s position at Washington State University and the approximate percentage of assignment to instruction.
  • Courses taught (one-sentence description, number of semesters, enrollment).
  • Statement of teaching philosophy (2-page maximum).
  • A description of the issues, behaviors, and activities that make the candidate a successful teacher. Ideally, this would include evidence of learning effectiveness (e.g., comparative research studies of learning outcomes, evaluations from peers, any publications related to teaching, etc.).
  • Summary of recent student evaluations (2-page maximum).
  • Two to five letters of support from individuals who can evaluate the contributions to instruction and attest to their significance, particularly in light of the award criteria.

Previous Award Recipients

2024 recipient Caitlin Bletscher
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2024 recipient T. Francene Watson
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2023 recipient Vanessa Cozza
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2023 recipient Sophia Tegart
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2022 recipient Kenneth Faunce
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2022 recipient Phillip Morgan
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2021 recipient Rebecca Cooney

2021 recipient David Torick

2020 recipient Chris Dickey

2020 recipient Janet Peters

2019 recipient Renee Petersen
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2019 recipient Clif Stratton
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2018 recipient Leeann Hunter
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2018 recipient Jason B. Peschel
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2024Caitlin BletscherScholarly Associate Professor, Department of Human Development
2024T. Francene WatsonTeaching Associate Professor, Department of Teaching and Learning
2023Vanessa CozzaAssociate Professor (Career-Track), School of Music
2023Sophia TegartAssociate Professor (Career-Track), Department of English
2022Kenneth FaunceAssociate Professor (Career-Track), Department of History
2022Phillip MorganAssociate Professor (Career-Track), Department of Kinesiology and Educational Psychology
2021Rebecca CooneyClinical Assistant Professor, Department of Strategic Communication
2021David TorickTeaching Assistant Professor, School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
2020Chris DickeyAssistant Professor, School of Music
2020Janet PetersClinical Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, WSU Tri-Cities
2019Renee PetersenSenior Instructor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
2019Clif StrattonAssistant Clinical Professor, Department of History
2018Leeann Hunter Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of English
2018Jason PeschelClinical Assistant Professor, School of Design and Construction
2017Xiaopeng BiClinical Associate Professor, Mechanical and Materials Engineering
2017Debbie BrinkerClinical Assistant Professor/Assistant Dean of Clinical Affairs, College of Nursing
2016Lisa CarloyeClinical Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences
2016Karl OlsenClinical Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
2015Kathleen McAteerClinical Assistant Professor and Assistant Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, School of Biological Sciences, WSU Tri-Cities
2015Nicholas CerrutiSenior Instructor, Physics and Astronomy
2014Andrew S. O'FallenInstructor, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, College of Engineering and Architecture
2014Samantha SwindellClinical Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, College of Arts and Sciences
2013Pamela Awana LeeClinical Associate Professor, Department of Fine Arts, College of Arts and Sciences and Honors College
2013Judy MeuthClinical Associate Professor, Department of Critical Culture, Gender and Race Studies, College of Arts and Sciences