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Faculty Awards

Annual Awards

V. Lane Rawlins President’s Award for Distinguished Lifetime Service

The Washington State University V. Lane Rawlins President’s Award for Distinguished Lifetime Service honors dedicated individuals who have given a substantial part of their career to advancing WSU through excellent service in administration, teaching, research, extension, or a professional field.

The WSU president selects recipients from nominations made by university community. The lifetime service award recognizes WSU faculty or staff who have demonstrated great personal and professional commitment to the university and community, and who have had a profound influence on the direction and progress of the university throughout their career.  Emeritus faculty are eligible for this recognition.

The award recipients receive the V. Lane Rawlins President’s Award for Distinguished Lifetime Service at the annual Showcase Celebration, which honors the outstanding achievements of faculty and staff across campus.  Although the award has been presented annually to date, it is not necessarily bestowed annually, but is awarded as warranted by an individual’s lifetime accomplishments.

Application Process

Nominators are asked to submit the nomination form, a copy of the nominee’s curriculum vitae, and a narrative of 1000 words or less, stating why the nominee meets the award criteria and is deserving of the award.  Please do not submit additional information during the initial phase.  At a later date, the nominator(s) may be asked to provide additional supporting information, such as additional letters of support, upon request from the selection committee.

Previous Award Recipients

2024 recipient N. Richard Knowles
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2023 recipient John Reganold
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2022 recipient Hakan Gurocak
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2021 recipient Guy Palmer

2020 recipient Rodney Croteau

2019 recipient Ron Mittelhammer
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2018 recipient Renee Celeste Hoeksel
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2017 recipient Nancy Magnuson
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Award Recipients

2024N. Richard Knowles
2023John Reganold
2022Hakan Gurocak
2021Guy Palmer
2020Rodney Croteau
2019Ron Mittelhammer
2018 Renee Hoeksel
2017Nancy Magnuson
2016Frances McSweeney
2015Ken Casavant
Not Awarded
Nicholas Lovrich
Thomas A. Brigham
Muriel Oaks
Ralph Yount
Robert Nilan
LeRoy Ashby
Travis McGuire
James F. Short, Jr.
R. James Cook
Rom Markin