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Washington State University
Washington State University Office of the Provost

Faculty Career and Advancement

Activity Insight

Washington State University implemented Activity Insight as a replacement for the WORQS annual review information system. A software product from Digital Measures, Activity Insight is designed to organize, manage, and report on faculty activities and CV data.

All faculty are required to use Activity Insight (the replacement for WORQS) to compile their annual reviews, regardless of whether they used WORQS in previous years.

Activity Insight login

Among its many benefits, Activity Insight can be tailored to meet the reporting needs and goals of each unit. In particular, Activity Insight can capture, and prepare for reporting, information that must be provided to program accrediting bodies. The conversion team will be meeting with units to learn their reporting needs, and configure the program accordingly. Learn more about Activity Insight.

For assistance, visit the Activity Insight support page, or call 509-335-3123