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Washington State University
Washington State University Office of the Provost

Initiatives Executive Budget Council

Following the creation of the Washington State University (WSU) System Strategic Plan and the work of the University Fiscal Health Advisory Committee, it is critical to understand current budget practices and develop a budget model to better align resource allocation to the achievement of the strategic goals. The charge of the Executive Budget Council (EBC) is to lead this effort to support the new WSU System Strategic Plan and the One WSU system. The specific objectives of this council are to:

  • Engage the WSU system community in understanding our current practices in both allocating resources and assessing costs.
  • Explore national best practices in resource allocation in higher education.
  • Establish guiding principles for desired changes to the management of cost structures and resource allocation.
  • Propose specific changes to our resource allocation methodology to support the system strategic plan and priorities.
  • Propose a holistic budget model that incentivizes revenue growth and promotes accountability by utilizing success metrics.
  • Facilitate transparent and informative budget communications with the WSU community.
  • Recommend budget policies to support our strategic priorities, fiscal accountability and inclusive of all university funds.

The EBC will have broad university representation and is anticipated to have a preliminary report prepared by May 1, 2022.

Council Membership

  • Elizabeth Chilton, Provost and Executive Vice President (Co-Chair)
  • Stacy Pearson, Chief Financial Officer and Vice President for Finance and Administration (Co-Chair)
  • Marwa Aly, Vice President, Graduate and Professional Student Association
  • Celestina Barbosa-Leiker, Associate Professor, College of Nursing and Vice Chancellor for Research, WSU Health Sciences Spokane
  • Bryan Blair, Chief Operating Officer, WSU Athletics
  • Dave Cillay, Vice President for Academic Outreach and Innovation and Chancellor, Global Campus
  • Sandra Haynes, Chancellor, WSU Tri-Cities
  • Chip Hunter, Dean, Carson College of Business
  • Linda McDermott, Assistant Vice President for Finance, Division of Student Affairs
  • Brian Patrick, Student Government Council Representative and President, Associated Students of Washington State University
  • Margaret Singbeil, Program Administrative Manager, WSU Seattle
  • Don Holbrook, Budget Director, Academic Affairs (Ex-officio)
  • Kristina Peterson-Wilson, Chief of Staff, Provost’s Office (Ex-officio)
  • Kelley Westhoff, Executive Director for Budget and Planning (Ex-officio)


Kindly contact Kristina Peterson-Wilson, Chief of Staff, at or 509-335-5581.


Updates regarding the Executive Budget Council