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Washington State University
Washington State University Office of the Provost

Responsibilities of the General University Classrooms (GUC) Committee

The 14-member university committee does the following for general university classrooms (GUCs) in Pullman …

Reporting, Usage Reviews, and Subcommittees

The GUC Committee reports to the Provost.  The Committee Chair meets periodically with the Provost to report on current projects, future planning, usage statistics and progress toward state classroom usage targets.  The Chair prepares summaries and reports to the Provost, President’s Council and Budget Committee as needed and presents the classroom budget requests during the university allocation cycles.

Committee members review annual classroom utilization statistics.   They evaluate impacts of adding or deleting rooms designated as General University Classrooms (GUCs).  Considerations include, but are not limited to, WSU’s 10-Year Capital Plans, availability of maintenance and equipment funding, service and technological requirements, room scheduling, and external reporting statistics (including performance measures).   They take action based on committee evaluations.

There are three subcommittees associated with the GUC Committee that work on specific areas, make recommendations and report to the overall committee.  The subcommittees include the …

  • Academic Vision Subcommittee
  • Project Subcommittee
  • Utilization Subcommittee

Reviews and Takes Action on Suggestions and Complaints

Committee members review suggestions and complaints from all sources including feedback and common themes that surface from the Academic Media Services (AMS) online faculty survey.

Because the technical support phone number is posted in every general university classroom, AMS staff receives the bulk of equipment-related feedback as well as miscellaneous feedback on the current state of the classrooms.

Ad hoc classroom needs that may arise are reported by faculty or staff to units responsible for specific issues.  The first line of contact on equipment issues is AMS staff, and for maintenance or custodial issues, the contact is Facilities Operations.  If any of the reports received require GUC Committee action, the issues are referred to the Committee Chair.

Reviews Physical Audit of Classrooms and Constituent Input, Factors Results into Planning, Funding Requests and Implements Projects

GUC Committee members review the annual AMS physical audit which provides the committee with condition information. Classrooms in need of minor repairs and upgrades are noted and factored into planning processes.  Information about classroom condition from AMS semester-based audits is also made available to the committee.

Committee members consult with various constituents regarding specific classroom buildings or projects (for example, college and departmental staff and faculty, Facilities Operations custodial and maintenance staff, ITS staff, as appropriate).

Committee members formulate plans to systematically refurbish, equip, and maintain GUCs and prepare funding requests through the regular University allocation process.   The committee prioritizes available funding and implements maintenance and upgrade plans.

GUC Committee Organizational Structure

Diagram of GUC Committee Organizational Structure

(showing relationships and responsibilities)