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Washington State University
Washington State University Office of the Provost

Classroom Subcommittees

Academic Vision Subcommittee (for Classroom Technology/Furnishings)

This subcommittee makes recommendations to the GUC Committee related to current teaching methods and what types of equipment and furnishing the University should consider when upgrading existing spaces or constructing new classroom teaching spaces.  Input from this subcommittee is used to help formulate the biennial budget requests and long-range planning.



Project Subcommittee

The purpose of this subcommittee is to provide recommendations for classroom improvement projects for short-term opportunities as well as long-term classroom facility planning.  As needed and directed by the General University Classroom (GUC) Committee, this subcommittee will research and review specific classroom requests and report the findings and recommendations to the Committee.

Specific charges:

  • Research, review, and recommend specific classroom preservation and improvement projects (not just improvements in audio-visual equipment but also the furnishings and other room features).
  • Obtain preliminary cost estimates for classroom project proposals.
  • Update the long-range classroom upgrade plan, as needed.
  • Based on the established GUC criteria, make recommendations concerning long-range planning for improvements to the Pullman campus general university classrooms.
  • Review new classroom and space development projects.

Utilization Subcommittee

This subcommittee exists to review Semester Utilization Statistics and report significant changes or areas of interest to the GUC Committee for internal purposes as well as impact on statewide capacity studies.  As needed, it will research and review ad hoc requests received from departments or central administration and make recommendations to the full GUC Committee.

Specific charges:

Periodically review, analyze and report to the GUC Committee on the following:

  • Fall semester utilization statistics, overall and room-by-room
  • Classroom changes over time spreadsheet
  • Most used and least used classrooms
  • With the GUC criteria in mind, report and/or make recommendation to the full GUC Committee as to proposed changes to the roster