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Washington State University
Washington State University Office of the Provost

Fees and Conditions

Notice: When using a General University Classroom you hereby agree to the following “fees and use conditions.” Please be sure all users in your group are aware of and comply with these fees and conditions. Failure of your group to comply with these fees and conditions may result in denial of future requests for use of a classroom.

Recognized WSU student organizations and groups associated with academic departments may schedule time in General University Classrooms outside of scheduled courses or evening exams at no charge under the following conditions:

  • Cleanup: Food and drinks are discouraged. If individuals bring in food and drink, they agree to clean up and remove all trash. Please be considerate of custodial staff and the students and faculty who arrive to use the classrooms the following morning. This is particularly important on weekends because there is no weekend custodial service. Deposit trash in the central collection location in the hallway or an outside dumpster. If cleaning is required, the reservation requester will be assessed the standard rate of $54 per hour for cleaning plus the cost of materials/supplies.
  • Furniture Layout: Furniture must be returned to the standard layout after the event. Furniture diagrams are posted on the wall near the light switch.
  • Storage is not available in the classroom. Items left in the room will be disposed.
  • Access: Reservations will be accepted during normal building operation hours. If your event requires setup and break down time, this must be included in your reservation request.
  • Damages: You will be responsible for any loss or damages to the classroom. Cost will be assessed based on materials and time.
  • Technology: Fixed, user-accessible classroom equipment is available at no charge. Modifications, additional equipment, consumables or staff support is billable.
  • Support: Technical support is provided by Pullman Integrated Academic Technologies (PIAT) depending on your event type, some technical support may be required and billable. Please contact PIAT at for rates and billing. Additional fees apply for events:
    • With less than two business days notice;
    • On weekends;
    • Before 8 a. m. or after 5 p.m.
  • Animals: Per WAC 504-36-020 pets are not permitted in university buildings.

Questions about these conditions for General University Classrooms use may be directed to the General University Classroom Committee Chairperson. For current contact information, go to the committee website at