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Washington State University Office of the Provost

WSU email policy: Frequently asked questions

What does the new email policy state?

In the Washington State University Executive Policy Manual, under Electronic Communication Policy, BPPM EP #4, it reads:

Official Correspondence with Students: All correspondence regarding academic- and business-related activities will be sent to the student’s official Email account, effective the first day of instruction of the student’s first-enrolled term.  Communication through additional channels is permitted but not mandatory.

When does a student’s preferred email switch to the WSU email?

A new student’s preferred email will automatically default to the WSU email on the first day of the first term in which he or she is enrolled. Students will not have the option of changing their preferred email in myWSU, though their non-WSU email address or addresses will remain on file.

How long does the WSU email address remain the preferred email?

The WSU email will remain the preferred email for six months following a student’s separation from WSU. After six months, alumni and former students will have the option of manually changing their preferred email address.

Is it permissible for faculty and staff to respond to a non-WSU email address?

Yes. Best practice for replying to students emailing from a non-WSU address is to cc the WSU email address when replying. It is our goal to provide excellent communication and service to all correspondents, while keeping security concerns in mind.

How should we encourage students to use the WSU Email address instead of a different address?

When responding to a non-WSU email address, best practice is to cc the WSU email address and include a note in the body or in your signature line that reads:

Per new WSU policy, the preferred email address for all active students in myWSU has been changed to your WSU email address. All correspondence regarding academic and business-related activities will be sent to your WSU email address. 

Use this WSU Email policy flyer as a slide on your projector for the first few weeks of classes. Post the flyer on bulletin boards and in your classroom.

Where can students, faculty, and staff go for assistance with their email?

For assistance accessing WSU email or more information, please contact CougTech at (509) 335-4357 or visit