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Washington State University
Washington State University Office of the Provost

Faculty expanding no-cost course materials

A group of 17 WSU faculty members will be working through the summer to develop high-quality, no-cost digital course materials for the upcoming academic year. Students will benefit, to the tune of $352,868 in estimated savings per year.

The Office of the President, the Office of the Provost and ASWSU teamed up to provide grant funding for the development of the open educational resources (OER), which are in development for courses at all WSU Campuses.

The following faculty members received grant funding:

  • Christine Curtis ($4,500 for COM 102-Global Campus)
  • Julie Staggers, Kate Johnson-Watts and Patty Cady ($4,500 for ENGLISH 402-all campuses)
  • Leah Sheppard ($4,500 for MGMT 401-Pullman)
  • Katherine Banks ($4,500 for POLS 101-Tri-Cities)
  • Matthew Hudelson ($4,500 for MATH 301-Pullman)
  • Sarah Newcomer and Jane Kelley ($4,500 for TCH-LRN 544, TCH-LRN 307)
  • Mark Beattie ($4,500 for HBM 384-Everett, Vancouver, Tri-Cities, Pullman)
  • Joy Egbert ($4,500 for TCH-LRN 413, 414, 514, 465-multiple campuses)
  • Theresa Jordan ($2,500 for HIST 380, 480, 495-Pullman)
  • Babu John Mariadoss ($2,500 for IBUS 482-Pullman and $2,500 for MKTG 360-Pullman)
  • Amy Nusbaum and Samantha Swindell ($2,500 for PSYCH 105-Pullman)
  • William Luers ($1,500 for DTC 101-Vancouver)

The WSU Libraries and the Office of Academic Outreach and Innovation staff will support the faculty members in the development of their course materials over the summer. WSU continues to expand its OER offerings in response to the growing burden textbook costs can be for students. In addition, WSU is increasing the transparency of costs by adding a “Material Cost at Bookie” column to the course information screen that appears when students register for classes.

For questions regarding OER at WSU, please email